Jessica and Adewale

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Our Story

Our love journey begins in the summer of 2012 when both starting working for the same company. As years passed we hung out mainly at company events. Until 2016 when we were both introduced to a texting game by a mutual co-worker/friend. (She knows who she is) This resulted in us texting more and more. Until finally Wale asked Jess out on a date! Our first date was July 9th 2017! Wale asked Jess to be his girlfriend on September 3rd 2017. And from there the rest was history. All of our friends and family knew, although we kept a big secret at work until our year anniversary! (Scandalous!) Wale proposed on February 14th 2020. We bought a home January 25th, 2021. We cannot wait to complete this union and celebrate with all of our family and friends who have been on the journey with us!
Amy Kross